Helping hand dental clinic

“Because dentistry is TOO expensive”

-Dr Spencer 


Helping hand dental clinic

“Because dentistry is TOO expensive”

-Dr Spencer 



Why Choose
Helping Hand Dental Clinic?


Our doctors, including Dr Spencer, have combined experience of over 35 years. We have trained at some of the most prestigious schools in the world across the country from San Francisco to New York City. We continually hone our skills through continuing education, academy learning, and peer study groups. You are in highly skilled and experienced hands.

Our doctors and staff speak fluent Spanish.

Dr Spencer is also currently learning ASL in his free time.

Be up front and honest about finances. This helps us guide you in your journey to having a healthy smile. We are here to help and offer not only the MOST affordable dental treatment in the state, but we also have partnered with groups that help you set up a low cost monthly payment plan that can fit your budget.

Corporate dentistry is when investors, venture capitalist, or other NON-dentists own the practice (or practices).

Their job is to make money for share-holders and themselves.

 That is NOT who we are and that is a big reason WHY we can charge much less.

We offer same day emergency appointments to patients in pain. Sometimes we can get you right in, sometimes it might be a short wait, but if you are in pain, come see us. We cannot guarantee we will get all your work done that day, but we will get you on track to feeling better. Tooth pain can be life altering and debilitating. Come and see us and allow us to help you.

All non-insurance patients will get a 20% discount for paying in full. 

We are aiming to get in network with ALL insurances. Some just take longer to allow us to join their network.

So, if we aren’t in network with your provider yet, we will be very soon!

We can be called day or night at 623-999-1000 or 623-999-1200. Those office number during the day will either be answered, or if we are busy or at lunch from 1-2, calls will be returned quickly. If you call after regular business hours, a voicemail will be received via email by staff and followed up.

Also, we can be reached via email at office@Helping

A common question is, why a $10 exam?

Easy. So that finances won’t keep you from knowing about your oral health.

We are here to help. No judgment from us.

Dr Spencer displays his own x-rays on the wall to show all the fillings and work he has needed in his life.

“I’m a dentist and guess what? I’ve needed dental work done too.”

-Dr Spencer

 Everyone needs dental work.

We believe in helping others. Especially those that are really having a hard time or unable to access care.

We do outreach. We do it here clinically, we do it locally in Arizona, and globally in other countries in need. It’s something we believe in.

We don’t ask for donations. Just know you are supporting a needed cause AND receiving the gold standard dental treatment from us. So, by being our patient, you are also helping a fellow person in a less fortunate part of the world that doesn’t have access to dental care.

Our next outreach will be set for The Philippines in Negros Occidental. Thank you for being a part of that with us.

Our Unique Mission

And how you can help

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Our Clinic

Monthly Helping Hand Makeover:
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Dr Spencer and Helping Hand Doing Outreach: Downtown Phoenix


Dr Spencer and Helping Hand Outreach: Nicaragua (most recent)

Do You Know Someone That Needs A Helping Hand?

We Do a free Monthly Healthy Mouth Make-Over for someone in need

we need your help to find someone.


Not yourself. (preferably not immediate family)

Only one submission necessary- they go directly to dr spencer and he will save all entries for following months.

we will never divulge any infomation given. this is purely for a friend, neighbor, or someone you know in need of a helping hand.

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