How are you able to charge

1/2 the price

of others?

"They cut corners."


"The materials aren't as good."


"Please explain how you do it..."

I'd love to.

-Dr Spencer

How Are Your Prices So Low?

To Understand 'How', You Must Know 'Why' They're So High to Begin With.

We Are NOT a Corporate Dental Office

Corporate dentistry is when dental offices are owned by investors, venture capitalist, or other NON-dentists.

Their job is to make money. This has exploded over the past 10-15 years.

These offices have numerous NON-dental employees on the payroll. Office managers, regional managers, operations and productions, executives and, of course, the stock holders and investors themselves. 

This means you will pay way more to cover their salaries.

They also use metrics, analytics and numbers to show how much treatment each patient should have on average.

If this average, or close to it, isn’t achieved you can imagine what the investors do to the dentist working. These dentists need to keep their job. The investors demand to make money. (Ask me how I know…)

It’s tricky because some wonderful dentists are put in terribly difficult situations. Even the most ethical and caring dentist can feel pressured to diagnose aggressively.  

Not us. Our philosophy is to treat your teeth like we’d treat our own. Our reputation is everything to us in the community.

I explain corporate dental (or DSO’s) in more detail in my Blog as well.

student loan debt

I’m just going to say it. Student loan debt in the dental world is crippling. It’s the main reason corporate dental is so strong. 

Average student loan debt is around $420,000. Some schools debt is over $700,000.

So, what does that mean?

It means a dentist will have to make a certain amount of money to pay loans, rent, car, insurance, food. Its survival because that dental school debt is huge.

Dr Spencer, luckily, doesn’t have that burden. Since that is the case, he can keep costs low for his patients.

Low overhead

Dental equipment is VERY expensive. To equip a dental office can cost anywhere from $400,000 to well over $1,000,000 for just 1 office.

Don’t under estimate the power of having friends with connections. Those connections have saved over 80% on the BEST equipment and supplies.

The “how” on this one is Dr Spencers’ secret to keep.

What is important to know, is the savings are passed on to you.

Economic Principal of Veblen Goods

Veblen Goods are products charged at a very high premium. They are marketed as “more valuable” and “exclusive”.

Think Louis Viotton t-shirts sold for over $1,000.

Similar concept happens in dentistry. As a dentist gets older with more expereince, they typically charge much more and do less.

Dr Spencer and his Helping Hand Dental Clinic decided to do it the other way around.

That’s because we want to do more treatment for more people in the community. The way to do that is charge much less and make it more affordable and still do the best work in the city.

That’s a Helping Hand.


You need dentists. No way around it. You can fix your own sink or even paint your own house. But, not even the most ambitions dentist will do their own dental work.

We know this. Your need for a dentist allows a dentist to charge whatever he or she wants for their labor. Charging more does NOT make them a better dentist. Logically, paying more makes people think they’re getting “better” whatever that item of purchase is. And yes, in most cases, paying more does yield a better product. But this is a case where that isn’t true at all.

For example, think of a plumber coming to fix your sink. Pipes fractured and needs to be replaced. There are 2 plumbers. Both been doing it 10 years giving you estimates. They’ll both get the materials from the same place, probably a Home Depot type store. But one wants to charge $650 and the other charges $360. Why is there a discrepancy to do the same thing? The result will likely be the same. The one plumber is likely asking for more because he knows you called him and need him. The more he charges, the less he has to do. He knows in his call someone will be in desperate need and pay it. It may not be you or me but someone will. And in the end, that makes less work for him. Perhaps that’s the smart move in the plumbing world but I didn’t go into dentistry to squeeze every nickel I can out of people.

This is what makes HELPING HAND DENTAL unique. As you can see, there are a variety of expenses in dentistry but the main one is paying whatever that dentist says you need to pay. Plenty of dentists don’t like what we are doing. I hear the words “devaluing our work and profession” from many of them. I understand their point of view in what they are saying. It is a long, difficult, and expensive road to become a dentist. But I also got into this profession to help people, so with all due respect to my colleagues, I’m going to do it my way.

in a nutshell, this How are able to do it.

Its a combination of finding

1. The right place/location.

2. The right connections in the dental field (banks, suppliers, and especially friends) to help.

3. The right staff (having worked years with Dr Spencer before) hand selected and recruited that understand the vision.

4. Having a doctor/dentist willing to take less money for procedures and all loans and debts are paid off. 

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY,  no boss or corporation telling us what we can and can’t do.

This is Helping Hand Dental Clinic. 

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