Here are just a few services we offer.

But, at 1/2 the price...

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Really Nervous?

Sleep Dentistry is For You

We proved an alternative with an experienced dental anesthesiologist for you to safely sleep through the entire procedure.

We make no money offering this service BUT we want to provide a way for you to be comfortable enough to do necessary treatment without fear at the best price in town. 

affordable dental implants, experienced hands prepared for the patient. Prosthetic laboratory.

Dental Implants

Missing a tooth? Missing a lot? We do implants at 1/2 the price of almost everyone.

We provide the crown and abutment with that price for free. No gimmicks. The best implants and a 3D guided surgery with the help of our top of the line CT Cone Beam 3D imaging.

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Dentures &
Snap-in Implant Dentures

We do dentures. If you want to secure your denture, or be able to eat foods you’ve been missing out on; we provide snap implants to secure them.

We place 2 securing dental implants. All surgery, implant parts, securing your denture is part of this.

dentures in the hands prepared for the patient,closeup. Prosthetic laboratory.

All White Crowns

We do all white porcelain crowns. We use the best materials to make the highly aesthetic crowns. 

Of course, if you want gold 0r other options, we gladly offer them. But we love giving that  perfect, beautiful white crown for $660.

White Fillings

Holes made in our teeth by bacteria are called cavities. When we get a cavity, a white filling can prevent that cavity from getting bigger. By taking out the bacteria and the destruction left. Remember, cavities and bacteria will NOT go away without intervention.

The most common way is doing white (composite) fillings. Keeping your teeth healthy and white is our goal. 

Cleanings and Deep Cleanings

Cleanings and Deep Cleanings are essential in your dental care.

To reduce staining, bacterial count, and preserve the gums health is as imporatnt as filling teeth with cavities.

dentures in the hands prepared for the patient,closeup. Prosthetic laboratory.

Dental Bridge

Missing a tooth? Bridges are faster than implants because you don’t have to wait for bone to heal. Depending on the patients bone levels and other factors, dental bridges are another great option to permanently replace missing teeth. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the most affordable way to fill in gaps of missing teeth all over. 

There are a number of materials that can be used from gum colored flexible Valplast to the traditional rigid metal.


Root Canals Endodontics

Root canals are when bacteria infection (typically by large cavity)  have entered the nerve. The infected area can only be cleaned by opening the tooth to the center, sanitizing, and sealing the tooth.

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Braces and Invisible Aligners


We will offer braces and clear aligners to all patients for $2999 or LESS. 

Having beautiful straight teeth has its advantages. Everyone (adults and kids) should have the chance for a beautiful smile. So, we make it affordable for ANYONE. Monthly payments are low. Just $100 to start.

We offer payment plans for the braces as well as all of our dental services. 

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